Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zeus - Opera (2013)

A couple of Italian guys playing fuzzy bass and drums. Fans of Japanese band Ruins will really dig this progressive onslaught. Its also released under ThreeOneG records who put out a very similar band call Secret Fun Club from San Diego. Over all this is a fucking awesome album but its hard to really get the feel of what this band is about without seeing them live. Max volume is the key when it comes to these kind of duos. Ripper!

1. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
2. Sick And Destroy
3. Decomposition N.!!!
4. Set Panzer To Rock
5. Beelzebulb
6. La Morte Young
7. Giorgio Gaslini Is Our Tom Araya
8. Bach To The Future
9. Eroica
10. Grey Cerebration 
11. Blast But Not Liszt