Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dysrhythmia - Test of Submission (2012)

Edgy math rock metal gods Dysrhythmia have done it again with their newest release Test of Submission. Even after the first couple of tracks I've noticed their writing has become even more intense but with smoother transitions between sections rather then their last release Psychic Maps. Sweeping atmospheric melodic guitar melodies wash over a ridiculously tight drum and bass odd time signature blast beat base and Sonically this band has stepped more into their own and come leaps and bounds since this line ups first album Barriers and Passengers. Tasty taste. 

1. In Secrecy
2. Test Of Submission
3. The Line Always Snaps
4. Running Towards The End
5. In The Spirit Of Catastrophe
6. The Madness Of Three
7. Like Chameleons
8. In Consequence

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kayo Dot - Gamma Knife (2012)

Its Been a few years since I've had a good listen to Kayo Dot, so to my surprise I was very happy to have found they released brand spanking earlier this year called Gamma Knife. Lead by Toby Driver, Kayo Dot's albums have gone through many transitions, But I find this album relates more to there early recordings, maybe with a little more shine then the grittiness of Drowsing Anemone With A Copper Tongue in 2006. Abstract, avant garde, Jazzcore is what makes up Kayo Dot, with stems of Grindcore and Black Metal. Its Bitterly twisted but at the same time its opening and closing tracks sound more like a composition by Jeff Buckley.  Play this one at full volume to get the full experience. 

1. Lethe
2. Rite of Goetic Evocation
3. Mirror Water, Lighting Night
4. Ocellated God
5. Gamma Knife

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chelsea Wolfe - Ἀποκάλυψις (2011)

Amazingly dark and brooding recording from NYC artist Chelsea Wolfe. Thick with reverb and folk doom undertones such as Earth, Chelsea Wolfe even has similar characteristics as PJ Harvey or Portishead at times. I wasn't to much of a fan of her first recording The Grime and The Glow but she has come a long way and developed much more of her own sound and leaning away from cliche gothic witch pagan folk music. 


1. Primal / Carnal
2. Mer
3. Tracks (Tall Bodies)
4. Demons
5. Movie Screen
6. The Wasteland
7. Moses
8. Friedrichshain
9. Pale On Pale
10. To The Forest, Towards The Sea

Monday, August 20, 2012

Max Crumbs - Pieces & Portions Vol 2 (2010)

Melbourne artist Max Kohane (Pivixki, Agents Of Abhorrence) released this free recording a couple of years back which is a total step in the opposite direction for this more commonly known extreme abstract grind drummer. His beats are creative, earthy and textural. Lending inspiration from Prefused 73, Boards of Canada, and DJ Shadow. I find the vocal elements on this recording a little bit distracting but over all his compositions and production is a pleasure to listen to. You can also find Pieces & Portions Vol 1 on his bandcamp.



1. Speaker Milk
2. Pigeons Kissing
3. Crouching Otter Stance
4. Smiling In Surgery
5. Chest Peak
6. Apple Worm Salad
7. Altered States Of Beast
8. Yellow Acid Stains (featuring Nisa Venorosa)
9. Inkhorn

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Black Sleep Of Kali / Union Of Sleep Split (2012)

Hailing from Denver, Colorado this progressive metal/Doom group have supplied me with some solid music especially from their full length Our Slow Decay. but recently they released this split with German band Union Of Sleep. I haven't heard to much of Union of Sleep but judging but the samples of the net im convinced UOS will become a regular listen for me over the next while. Fans of early Baroness/Mastodon will probably really enjoy seeing that so many bands are heading down the road of signing to major labels and suck arse all over the shop. These songs are true and gritty the way it should be. with bone crushing grooves and guttural delivery.  Im pretty sure I'll put my order in for the LP as soon as my next pay check goes in.


1. Cosmonaut
2. Eyes of Winter
3. The Witch
4. Call Of The Void