Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Old Man Gloom - No (2012)

After 8 years. OMG has finally released new album entitled NO. And holy shit! opening track sounds like it couldn't be from anyone else. lo-fi ambient static and electronics which leads into the more common bone crushing post sludgecore sound these guys are legends for. You can hear the trade off between Aaron Turner (ISIS) and Caleb Scofield (Cave In) who seem to come across as the main writers of the collaboration which also includes Nate Newton (converge). With NO clocking in at 59mins its a fairly epic listen that doesn't let off for some time, but I am a little disappointed that towards the end of this recording it does start to run a little thin and recycled. Not the best OMG release but definitely has its moments.  

1. Grand Inversion
2. Common Species
3. Regain/Rejoin
4. To Carry the Flame
5. The Forking Path
6. Shadowed Hand
7. Rats
8. Crescent
9. Shuddering Earth

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Secret Chiefs 3 - Traditionalists, The Western Exile 7" (2012)

Long after Secret Chiefs 3's last full length album, its good to see them releasing 7" rarities and collectables. On this one you will find on the B side Trey Spruance and Mike Patton working together once again to create a superb version of Le Chanson De Jackey. backed by the chiefs Traditionalists to create a swinging western story of epic proportions.  Side A is another version of The Western Exil which was on their Book of Horizons. You can also find their Saptarshi / Radar 7" here 

1. The Western Exile
2. Le Chanson De Jackey

Master Musicians of Bukkake - Totem three (2011)

This is one i've had on the back burner while i've been a slack arse and not posting anything for the life of me....SO. Don't let the name put you off. Lets Just say this band is made up of a all star cast featuring members of Sunn O))), Earth, Secret Chiefs 3, Sun City Girls, Grails, OM, and Asva. This collaboration takes its inspiration mostly from eastern music and philosophy and combines it with space rock and lo-fi film score. With artwork by Seldon Hunt who who has done a completely amazing job at describing the music of this band in a technicolor sacrilegious nightmare. 


1. Bardo Sidpa
2. In the Twilight of Kali Yuga
3. Illuminating the Ten Directions/ Mahur
4. Prophecy of the White Camel/ Namoutarre
5. 6000 Years of Darkness
6. Reign of Quanity and the Signs of the Times/ Patriarch of the Iron Age
7. Failed Future

Secret Fun Club - Skull With Antlers (2012)

I had the privilege witnessing these guys last year in the states, then after staying in contact with them I got to play a house party in San Diego California together. A while ago they released their first LP judging by the cover its called "Skull with antlers" through locust front man's record label ThreeOneG. This southern Californian Duo really give something i haven't seen before. Their live show is a full body experience made up of volume and bottom end frequency onslaught, which is pretty hard to produce on a recording, but Secret fun Club give you math rock as if it was being played by John Bonham in outa space. A stella band who have made their music even that little bit more accessible through naming your own price on their Bandcamp site.