Friday, November 18, 2011

Sleep - Jerusalem (1998)

I love it that this band had one true legacy that is goes for 52:08 minutes and contains one extended riff. This is the second release of this piece of music after Dopesmoker which got mixed and mastered totally differently to keep record companies happy. If you want the true experience of this gem, please listen to this version. And also i totally recommend you check out the doco Such Hawks Such Hounds Which is about the history of the underground hard rock, stoner, doom scene in the states. 

1. Jerusalem (Part 1)
2. Jerusalem (Part 2)
3. Jerusalem (Part 3)
4. Jerusalem (Part 4)
5. Jerusalem (Part 5)
6. Jerusalem (Part 6)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass - Passenges (1990)

Oh how new age of me! If your into Philip Glass but have trouble listening to his repetitive compositions, or are into Ravi Shankar  but but want something you can grasp onto a little more, Passengers is for you. I discovered this album during the week when i found all i was listening to was grindcore and needed a soothing break, at least over the dinner table. 

1. Offering
2. Sadhanipa
3. Channels And Winds
4. Ragas In Minor Scale
5. Meetings Along The Edge
6. Prashanti

Friday, November 11, 2011

Conation - Troubled Waters And Fortresses (2003)

Newcastle band Conation was one of the most solid live bands i ever got to see during my teens. Sensible political hardcore with a Aussie twist of grind. their first release in 2001 'The Dichotomy Of The Earth And The Human Race' was a stella album but sounds like ass crack, so I've decided to go with 'Troubled Waters And Fortresses' instead. I'm sure I'll post more of these guys in times to come but for now lets just hope they reform once again like they have in the past few years and give us some more of what was so great back in the day. Enjoy!

1. The Silence
2. When Tyrants Mate
3. Secure Measures
4. They Have Come This Far
5. Slow Motion Catastrophes
6. In Histories Page
7. Bonus